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How amazing the possibility that before time began, the great Three-in-One spoke to each other of the possibilities we might have in this life. We can be assured that anything decided, planned, and voted on in that heavenly meeting was bigger than anything we could imagine. Webster’s defines possibilities as potentially favorable results.” Heaven-born can easily be defined as “what should be and what could be in our lives.”

What should be in your life today?
What could be in your life today?

Those possibilities don’t stand on the basis of how adequate you feel, or on the favorable results you do or do not see. Heaven-born possibilities stand on the basis of the very center of the being of the Almighty God.

If God dreamed of these possibilities, He is much too wise to not provide for you. Heaven Born child, look around you today, for certainly He has already positioned the necessary resources in your life. His Word declares that He will enable you, which means He will provide three things: The means-the proper method or course of action, The knowledge-the proper resources to maximize your potential, The opportunity-a favorable combination of circumstances for these possibilities to be realized.

What should be and could be ..can be, for they are…


“Remember the pure, spiritual, heaven-born possibilities that have their foundation in the holy being of God.” Isaiah 45:8 Amplified Bible

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