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One day a man and his friend walked into a museum. One of the men is stunned by a famous painting of a chess game. One character in the painting, playing the chess game of his life, looks like a man. His opponent on the other hand, looked very much like the devil.

The man was down to his last piece. The title of the painting was, Check Mate!” It appeared that the player resembling satan had the winning move. One of the two men looking at the painting was an international chess champion. The painting intrigued him to the point that he could not take his eyes off the pawns on the chess game. He said to his friend, “Something about the painting bothers me and I must study it for awhile. You go ahead and explore the museum. I must remain here, until I solve this problem.”

The friend came back after awhile and his friend, the chess master said; we must locate the man who painted this masterpiece. His friend, stunned at this remark, said,” What in the world are you talking about?” The international chess champion said, “We must tell the artist that painted this masterpiece that he must either change the picture or change the title!”

I am an international chess champion and I have found this painting to be in grave error! His friend replied, “What is wrong with the painting?”

The chess champion said its entitled Checkmate. But that title is wrong.

Look here, as He pointed to the chess board, The King still has one More Move!

My friend, it is that profound and that simple! In situations that look like the enemy has you, your loved ones or your situation in checkmate. Don’t ever forget who you belong to! The King of Kings, the author and finisher of your faith, and rest assured The King still has one more move! You are not in checkmate, it is not over, whatever the situation, God will always have the final Word!

“For God is so wise and so mighty. Who has ever challenged him successfully?” Job 9: 4

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