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Every year our church family takes on an enormous endeavor to reach people
for Christ. Though we are continuously ministering through our other outreaches, this one “event” takes everything we are and all that we have to accomplish. Ladies and their precious babies come from all over this region to attend Queen for a Day*. We are humbled, yes, and honored to partner with the Father, accomplishing His agenda to reach the hopeless and the hurting. This year, Queen for a Day is this Saturday, April 16 th. We humbly ask you, our dear friends, to remember us in prayer as well. The following paragraph was written to encourage our workers and sharpen our focus. I share it with you today to encourage you my friend, that you might fulfill His Agenda to Your World as well!

"We always have to wonder about the stories, the heartbreaks, the circumstances that are standing as Goliaths over these precious women that attend Queen for a Day. We are alot like David. We have ONE smooth stone in our hands and it is called SACRIFICE. With the stone of sacrifice, we come to bring back dignity, to restore joy, to announce hope to the those that are hopeless. We surely feel as David, wondering if our little stone can really tear down the Goliaths of defeat, despair and poverty? A resounding “YES!” is our answer for we COME IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!”

My friend, I know all of us are doing what we can to make a difference in this world. We all feel overwhelmed and inadequate to attack the Goliaths we see standing around our world. I encourage you this day, as you take whatever one smooth stone you have in your hand, God IS WITH
YOU, He honors your sacrifice and He says:

“You are not only blessed, but Victory is yours when You come in the Name of The Lord!”

* For more information regarding Queen for a Day, you may visit http://www.rhondadavisministries.com/Ministries/Queen_day.html

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