HE IS With us!

On our best days, and worse days, our Father who is Heavenly, delights in us. He knows how to “quiet” the nagging worry, the feelings of inadequacy, and the disappointments that discourage us. Somehow in the midnight of our soul, HE sings over us, renewing our hope, reminding us that HE IS With us! And suddenly our desperate souls sigh with childlike resolve, that ALL Is indeed well! Sons and Daughters of God, you are SO LOVED!


Trust in the lord

Some things don’t make SENSE in the moment. But those that trust in Him will understand everything in due time. #TrustInTheLord #HeShallDirectYourPath


God makes beautiful things in every season!

Since It has been raining HARD for days, i remind myself of the results of rain. Here are just a few of the gorgeous flowers in our garden. A great reminder to all of us that things grow, change, and become beautiful even on days we SEE nothing in the natural!
#SunshineGrewTheseToo #GodMakesBeautifulThingsInEverySeason

– Pastor Rhonda Davis

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HOLD ON! For God’s not finished

HOLD ON! For God’s not finished. He is waiting around to be gracious to you. He’s gathering strength to show mercy to you! God takes the TIME to do everything right. Everything! The time God causes you to wait is never wasted! Those who WAIT for HIM are the blessed ones!

Isaiah 30:18


Stand still and see what He can do!

Standing STILL can be a tough assignment. But after you have done all that you can do, God invites you to stand back and SEE what HE can do! #MiraclesHappen #WhenWeTrustInHim


He is mighty to save!

He HOLDS creation together FOR HE existed before everything else began! And HE existed before your day started, before every overwhelming responsibility, every task, mountain, or problem in your way! AND most importantly CHRIST HOLDS YOU TOGETHER today, that you might go forward in His wonderful plan! #HeIsMightyToSave


Share God’s accomplishment!

When we share what GOD has accomplished in our lives It gives HIM the glory He deserves, and it reminds us we would NOT be anywhere without Him. Defeating the deadly enemy of PRIDE! And your testimony IS AN INVITATION to others to step into the breakthrough you’ve already experienced!


Trust the Process!

Trust the PROCESS! But TRUST God MORE! He has an undeniable HISTORY of using trials to perfect us, and strengthen us. The GLORY on the other side of the process is worth waiting on!


Let’s Press On

God was present for our past, He is faithfully with us in the present. BUT He is always speaking HOPE to us about our future, encouraging us to keep MOVING forward. It is NEVER too late to begin again. Let’s press on! He is FOR us! #PeaceWithOurPast #ContentmentForToday #HopeForTheFuture


Exceed the challenge!

Whatever the day may bring you..His strength, His courage, His peace, His wisdom can MEET and EXCEED the challenge! #Duet 33:24


Abba Father

God, Our Father who is HEAVENLY, is trustworthy, and full of goodness, He is a father to the fatherless. There are great earthly fathers, but no one will ever compare to Him, He ALONE completes us, redeems us, and restores us! He made us, and one day we will return to Him! Let him rebuild your identity in Him. Abba Father, YOU are worthy to be praised. 


We are never alone

They encamp around those who FEAR The Lord! We are NEVER alone! In Isaiah 37:16, Just One Angel walked through the enemy’s camp and killed 185,000 of Israel’s enemies! Our Abba Father IS The Lord of Hosts! All Glory to GOD for His Ministering Servants! #Psalms91:1