You are the God who performs miracles

For everyone needing a breakthrough, A miracle, and a turnaround. We agree with you, and we say,” He is the God of miracles!”


Psalm 91

At each and every sunrise Abba, we will be thanking you for your kindness and your love. As the sun sets and all through the night, we will proclaim, “You are SO faithful!” We will say at the end of the day “You’re so good! You’re my beautiful STRENGTH! You’ve NEVER made a mistake with me!” #Ps91 Pause and Calmly think about that.


Missed Call

Thought for the day…missed call…How many times a day or week do we see the phrase “missed call” on our cell phone. The phrase suggests we missed the opportunity to talk to the caller but too often, we knew they were calling, and decided not to answer. We don’t answer for a variety of reasons. We don’t recognize the number that is calling, or we do, and we are afraid they want something. Sometimes we genuinely miss the call. As a part of my job, sometimes I make calls, with the intent to give someone a new product or some other gift. Unfortunately, sometimes no one answers. Maybe they really missed the call or don’t recognize the number. Either way, they miss out. Sometimes God calls and we act the same way, pretending we didn’t hear it because there is difficulty involved or we just don’t want to answer. When our Father calls, yes there may be work involved but there is always a blessing involved too, usually well beyond our expectation. Could you imagine missing the call from Ed McMahon when you had won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes? Ed McMahon has nothing on our Father. Our merciful Lord knows sometimes we hit bumps in the road, and miss opportunities but He never stops trying to call. So if you missed him the last time, don’t worry. He will keep trying until He gets through. Just answer, and he will work out the rest.


Thought for the day…distance…life is full of surprises and unforeseen circumstances. Challenges abound at times and as we try to deal with them, we can become so focused and intent on fixing the issue that we drive ourselves crazy when that issue just won’t budge. In the movie “Men in Black 3”, when Agents K and J come to a stand still in their investigation, Agent K says “We need to have some pie…”. Agent J is incredulous, thinking this is no time for dessert with the fate of the known world hanging in the balance. Our issues and challenges often feel that way. It was while they did something else, simply enjoying dessert that they had the epiphany they needed. Stepping back from a situation and doing something else can give time for the perspective we need or the Lord time to work. Distance can allow us to get a better handle on a situation or issue. A mechanic can tell you the advantages of a breaker-bar. A nut or bolt at times can be stuck and a regular wrench is unable to move it. The addition of a breaker bar extends the distance of the handle from the nut and gives added leverage to make it break free. So if your issue won’t budge, give it some time and be patient, and take another shot at it later. Waiting on the Lord often times is the exact leverage we need, more often then we like. So relax, and go have some pie!

Pastor Todd Haggard

In a split second

This is what the Lord says, “I was the FIRST one to tell you LOOK! HELP is on the WAY!”



Isaiah 43 Inspirational Thought

“No one can oppose what I do; No one can reverse my actions.
I’m the LORD
I opened a way through the waters!
I made a DRY path through the sea!
BUT forget ALL that- it is
NOTHING compared to WHAT I AM going to do! “Amen, and Amen!
MAY these words go deep into the heart of our faith today! #InspiredByIsaiah43


Your past is buried!

Your past is buried in the deepest sea never to be remembered against you. Embrace the beautiful redemption of the Cross, which sets you free from your past!


Blessed are those who trust in the Lord!

For those whose life is presently too “dark” to take pics of-too “complicated”to post on fb- too “sorrowful”to tweet about- HE reads your heart dear ones, He knows your name and He loves you more than you can comprehend. Hold on, Salvation will come to you-Your season will change-God will make sense out of what makes no sense! YOU are the beautiful ones in the earth!

BLESSED are those who trust in the Lord!

17 - 1

God Will Remember You!

He calls the stars by name so that not one of them is lost! It is impossible for HIm to not REMEMBER you! AND HE loves YOU very much! What AMAZING comfort, and encouragement that brings! Tell those “squatters” of doubt, fear and loneliness they are trespassing, because YOU are REMEMBERED by the MOST HIGH GOD!


Psalm 20

“In times of trouble may the Lord respond to your cry!
May He KEEP you safe from all harm.
May He grant your hearts desire and fulfill all your plans!
And we will SHOUT FOR JOY when we hear of your VICTORY! “
Psalm 20!

Our God never fails!


Continue to Endure!

Continue to ENDURE! Others may be stepping into the “GLORY phase,” while you are walking through the “ENDURANCE phase” But don’t give up on your story of “soon to be glory” Has HE not said that HE can MAKE all THINGS work for your good? And turn “that thing” into glory, and allow your story of endurance to BREATHE Life, and unwavering HOPE into others! You are SO LOVED!


Be Encouraged

Prayer says, “God I’m reaching what I CAN reach.
Please reach what I can’t REACH.
I’m trusting the FAVOR and the STRONG ARM of GOD to REACH And DO what I can’t do for myself”
Be Encouraged, friends, All God has to do is STRETCH out His arm for you!
“For the Lord Brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand and an OUTSTRETCHED arm with great terrors and with signs and wonders.”
Duet 26:8