God’s Faithfulness

When we forget the faithfulness of God, we lose faith. That’s why we need to go back to vintage miracles God has already performed in our lives. When you “stand” on the shoulders of past miracles. You begin to see that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! #ImpossibleBecomesPossible


God is moved by our faith in Him!

God is MOVED by our FAITH in Him! Without faith it is impossible to please God! For anyone that comes to Him must believe He exists, and that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him. #Hebrews11:6


Habakkuk 3

“The Lord God is my strength, my personal bravery and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hind’s feet, and will make me to walk [not stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering or responsibility]” Hallelujah! So much power right here for YOU friends! Receive this verse as a gift on this Sabbath!
#Habakkuk3 #SeattleMountains


Focus on the good things He has done

May we focus today, more on the good things He has done. Then the bad things, this fallen world sometimes brings! WE serve a good, good Father! He is perfect in all His ways!


Return to your fortress of Hope!

Return to your fortress of HOPE! For the King is coming to you! He promises two Mercies for every woe. So let Hope arise and darkness flee as we speak the name of Jesus our victorious, conquering King! #Zechariah9


He calls you His own!

You are fully KNOWN by Him, and deeply loved by Him. He calls you HIS own! So don’t be afraid. Be at peace. Take heart this day, and let THIS truth, lift you up, and make you strong!
#Daniel10 #Isaiah43 #DeeplyLovedByGod


The word of God changes everything!

The WORD of God changes everything! Read it, speak it, and declare HIS word today!


He rescues

Our famous God is known for HIS unparalleled ability to rescue His people in times of trouble. Be of good cheer, HELP is on the way.


A promise you can count on!

Be strong and courageous! For HE promises to personally go ahead of you! THIS is a promise YOU can count on!


Never doubt what one prayer can do!

“Be merciful to us, for we have waited for you. Be our strength each day and our salvation in times of trouble.” Isaiah 33
#PrayersOfTheBible #OnePrayerMovesHeaven


God has placed you here at this time

God has placed you here at this time. He has given you as a gift, to the world around you! Do Not bully yourself! God is never pleased when you lessen yourself by words of defeat, or discouragement! #SpeakLife #YouAreDestinedToOvercome


Truth’s Handle

Thought for the day…Truth’s Handle…recently I was pondering “handling” the truth and the infamous line from “A Few Good Men”. Jack Nicholson shouts at Tom Cruise during cross-examination “You can’t handle the truth!” This made me think in a metaphorical way, if truth had a handle, what would it be? My first thought was love. Paul admonished the Ephesians to speak the truth in love. That does not mean we say ” I want to tell you this in love…” then wield the truth like it’s Thor’s mighty hammer, crushing and destroying everything in its path. Some may say, “Well it’s the truth, might as well say it!” A foolish and immature person does that. Truth truly spoken in love should be more like a scalpel that cuts no more than necessary and leaves healing when it’s through. Yes, we live in an age that refuses to hear the truth. That is why it’s so much more important we speak it correctly in love.