Genuine Love

Genuine love, and genuine sacrifice is difficult to ignore-“Lowering people through roofs,” looks different for each of us. But rest assured that God has creative ways for each of us to get people into His presence. But it will include the sacrifice of love time, and energy! #WeGetThemToHim #HeDoesTheWork


Like A Mighty Warrior

The redeeming, never ending, game changing truth is simply this: The Lord is WITH you!


Cast It all Into HIS Hands In prayer

Life can be incredibly beautiful, and incredibly messy. There are days we feel we “ran through a troop and leaped over a wall” TOTAL VICTORY! Then there are days we feel the “wall and the troop” ran over us. But every day can be a day of rest, when we continually cast it all into HIS hands in prayer! Releasing the mess, and allowing the “REST” of God to sustain us! #Psalms18 #Hebrews4


He Turns All Things For Good

There is a PLACE, where “It can’t happen,” HAPPENS! And you realize while you were waiting, God was WORKING! Fear made it seem impossible but God made it possible! And the crisis gave you an opportunity, to trust God on a level you never knew was possible! #HeTurnsAllThingsForGood#WhenWeTrustHim