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Birthed after an eight-week revival, believers from different denominations, along with those who had just accepted the Lord, united together in order to form a church under the pastoral headship of Pastors Hank and Rhonda Davis. Today, over 25 years later, Church of the Harvest continues to raise the standard of Jesus Christ, not only in their city, but across the nation as well. Church of the Harvest has accepted the call to reach out to the lost and hurting and to minister the love and restoration of the Lord. This congregation has crossed the social and racial barriers and created a place where its members experience Christ’s love in an accepting atmosphere. Spanning all imaginable backgrounds, these families and friends faithfully congregate together in order to hear the uncompromising Word of God.

However, the element which seems to draw people in doesn’t exist in the simple, yet accommodating edifice. Nor does it lie in a highly publicized or nationally heralded ministry. Instead, the enthusiasm is generated by the genuine excitement which radiates from those who were once bound and are now walking in total freedom! Because of God’s grace, testimonies of deliverance from homosexuality, Satanism, mental and psychiatric illness, drug addiction, divorce and financial despair have all been converted to peace, joy, forgiveness and restoration! Those who had materially lost everything are now walking in the prosperity of the Lord and enjoying financial abundance. Lives have been mended, marriages have been restored, prayers have been answered and that is just the start. Once featured in the local media as the fastest growing church in the state, word of these miraculous acts of God have now overtaken the county and are sweeping across the surrounding cities drawing in members from as far as an hour away.

Recognizing the awesome redemptive work which God was conducting in people’s lives, Pastors Hank and Rhonda Davis continue challenging, encouraging and instructing those that God has entrusted into their care. Their desire is to watch those who have been delivered to stay delivered and to function under the anointing which God has placed upon them! Growing both in number and wisdom, the strength of this fellowship can be clearly defined in its deep-rooted foundation of intense discipleship and exhortation which has embodied each believer.

Church of the Harvest is a multi-denominational congregation which ministers to the individual regardless of their background, race, economic situation or level of spiritual maturity. The mantle which has been placed upon this church is to reach the unsaved, effectively equip each believer as they continue to mature in Christ and to help each individual in finding their active place of service in the Body of Christ. In efforts to reach this goal, Church of the Harvest conducts seminars, hosts nationally known ministries for teaching sessions, offers a ministerial program for both men and women and provides several training courses throughout the year. As a result, Church of the Harvest stands today as a congregation of ministers eagerly awaiting ministry opportunities.

In addition to leading the local church, both Pastors Hank & Rhonda travel extensively speaking at conferences, seminars and retreats. Most recently, Pastor Hank has been fulfilling the call to be a Pastor to Pastors by building relationships with other pastors and ministering in their local churches, serving as an Apostolic Covering for many. In addition to speaking engagements across this nation, Pastor Rhonda has been featured as the keynote speaker on Daystar’s Televised Women’s Conference for the past four years reaching 128 million homes, plus 200 countries worldwide.

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