Thought for the day…boundaries…A recent action movie we watched illustrated today’s thought. In this particular show, as the shootout ensues, the camera pans to a large, ornate fish take full of colorful fish of all shapes and sizes and you just know. Seconds later, CRASH! The shootout takes out the fish tank. Fish, glass and […]

Truth’s Handle

Thought for the day…Truth’s Handle…recently I was pondering “handling” the truth and the infamous line from “A Few Good Men”. Jack Nicholson shouts at Tom Cruise during cross-examination “You can’t handle the truth!” This made me think in a metaphorical way, if truth had a handle, what would it be? My first thought was love. […]

Missed Call

Thought for the day…missed call…How many times a day or week do we see the phrase “missed call” on our cell phone. The phrase suggests we missed the opportunity to talk to the caller but too often, we knew they were calling, and decided not to answer. We don’t answer for a variety of reasons. […]


Thought for the day…distance…life is full of surprises and unforeseen circumstances. Challenges abound at times and as we try to deal with them, we can become so focused and intent on fixing the issue that we drive ourselves crazy when that issue just won’t budge. In the movie “Men in Black 3”, when Agents K […]