Thought for the day…boundaries…A recent action movie we watched illustrated today’s thought. In this particular show, as the shootout ensues, the camera pans to a large, ornate fish take full of colorful fish of all shapes and sizes and you just know. Seconds later, CRASH! The shootout takes out the fish tank. Fish, glass and water are flung every which way, leaving the poor little fishies to die on the floor, likely even garnering a close-up for the camera as they flop helplessly. This reminded me that without boundaries, we die. Boundaries are no fun sometimes but vitally necessary. Anyone who has visited the Grand Canyon can tell you on the edge of the lookout area there is a guard rail. That boundary is an obvious one. Most of us are smart enough not to cross that boundary because the impending death below is obvious. Spiritual boundaries are not quite so obvious though. You and I don’t as quickly realize that when we cross a boundary it can lead to spiritual death. God’s grace is great, but if we continually overstep it and do things we know we shouldn’t, it most surely will end up in spiritual death. There’s no close-up highlighting our spiritual death, nothing screams “Hey! You just stabbed your soul in the heart and it’s going to bleed to death if you don’t do something quick!!!” Spiritual death is subtle but boundaries keep us alive. And for those in recovery, “Just this once” has been the excuse for more than one disastrous event. “I’ll only get high this one last time” has been the undoing of more than one addict and far to often its that one last time that kills them. Satan is constantly trying to erode our boundaries against sin. The “guard rails” of God’s word allow us to enjoy the beauty of all the things he created for us to enjoy without it killing us. Boundaries can be our friend if we will let them be. Let His guard rails help you enjoy the view!

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