You will Win, If you, DO NOT GIVE UP!

When discouragement comes, our first instinct is to retreat!
Discouragement “hacks” away at us in ways that seem insignificant until they are measured together –against us. Then, as one author appropriately said, we begin to “sunbathe on the shores of fear and dread.”
We begin to list reasons we might be unemployed next year, stress over the economy, and finalize the list with all the reasons why we are completely inadequate and unable to move forward. Obliviously, to the weary mind, retreat becomes the only possible remedy to the dilemma of discouragement.

However, when you look back on your journey, think about the times that you were discouraged, and you did not retreat.
Somehow, you took your focus off of discouragement and put it on the power of God’s Spirit inside of you. That truth overran every falsehood you were battling in your mind.

Now, think about the results of that victory. Did you not go on?
Did you not prevail to see another day?
Did you not accomplish what discouragement was sent to cause you to retreat from? Now do you the picture?
That is discouragement’s designation-to cause you to NOT finish the God assignment in your life.

If it gives life, if it helps humanity, if it causes the world to be a better place, then it is indeed a God assignment. You have come to far to turn back now-you cannot retreat! Defeat discouragement ‘s designation by moving forward, even if only one-step at a time.


Seasons Change

Have you ever put your hope or trust in someone and they changed or betrayed you or let me ask you this has someone put their hope and trust in your and you betrayed them? If we put our hope and trust in people, they will let us

Though the seasons change Your love remains – United Pursuit

We have a faithful God who NEVER changes. He will NEVER let you down. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I don’t know about you, but that is where I want to place my hope and trust in. Why would I put my hope in something that I know will let me down when there is something better I can place my hope in that cannot let me down?

I want to encourage you to turn to God who’s love remains faithful and true. It is not in His DNA to let you down. Do not let anyone or anything tell you differently… You’ve got God on your side!

Seasons Change.
People Change.
God remains the same.untitled