Missed Call

Thought for the day…missed call…How many times a day or week do we see the phrase “missed call” on our cell phone. The phrase suggests we missed the opportunity to talk to the caller but too often, we knew they were calling, and decided not to answer. We don’t answer for a variety of reasons. We don’t recognize the number that is calling, or we do, and we are afraid they want something. Sometimes we genuinely miss the call. As a part of my job, sometimes I make calls, with the intent to give someone a new product or some other gift. Unfortunately, sometimes no one answers. Maybe they really missed the call or don’t recognize the number. Either way, they miss out. Sometimes God calls and we act the same way, pretending we didn’t hear it because there is difficulty involved or we just don’t want to answer. When our Father calls, yes there may be work involved but there is always a blessing involved too, usually well beyond our expectation. Could you imagine missing the call from Ed McMahon when you had won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes? Ed McMahon has nothing on our Father. Our merciful Lord knows sometimes we hit bumps in the road, and miss opportunities but He never stops trying to call. So if you missed him the last time, don’t worry. He will keep trying until He gets through. Just answer, and he will work out the rest.

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